Without a doubt, Ferrari is among the world’s most admired luxury sports car manufacturers. Ferrari has officially been around since its launch in 1947, yet by that point, the legendary founder of this top-notch automaker, Enzo Ferrari, had already spent most of his life around cars and had been in the industry for many years. 

Enzo Ferrari’s passion for fast cars can be traced back to the days when he was an award-winning race car driver in the 1920s.

In 1929, Ferrari founded the Scuderia Ferrari, which is now the official race car division of Ferrari. Yet, at the time, it was a division of Alfa, and it specialized in designing and building race cars for wealthy drivers. Ferrari continued working for Alpha until 1939, when he decided to part ways with them to form his own auto company, Auto Avio Costruzioni, in his hometown, Modena, Italy.

The company name was eventually changed to Auto Costruzioni Ferrari in 1947, and that year, the first car bearing the Ferrari name was released—the Ferrari 125 S.

Over the next few decades, Ferrari’s company released many incredibly successful cars that won a number of major races, including the Mille Miglia, Le Mans 24-Hour Race, and the Formula One World Championship Grand Prix.

In the early 1950s, the very first Ferrari showroom and dealership opened up in the United States, and the Ferrari market quickly became incredibly lucrative. 

By the late 1960s, Enzo decided that he wanted to seek a partner in order to maintain the company’s success and growth in the face of its competition. This is when Ferrari partnered with the Fiat Group, which bought a 50% stake in the business.

The F40 was the final model that was created under Enzo Ferrari in 1987, and when he died at age 90 in the following year, the Fiat Group’s stakes increased to 90%. Since then, the chairman of Ferrari has changed a couple of times, with Ferrari’s latest CEO, Sergio Marchionne, taking over in 2014.

Since its early beginnings, Ferrari has established a reputation for producing some of the best and fastest cars in history, and that is something the company continues to do.

Why People Love Driving Ferrari Cars

With an unmatched legacy, it is no wonder that nearly every car enthusiast in the world dreams of driving a Ferrari one day. Aside from Ferrari’s exceptional history, however, what are the primary reasons that make Ferrari cars so desirable to drive? 

Let us examine some of the reasons:

Unparalleled Success

Ferrari cars have not just been a part of major races for a long time; they have also upheld a record of being the most successful team of all time in Formula One history. 

They hold almost every possible record in this championship, including 15 Drivers’ Championship titles, 16 Constructors’ Championship titles, and 221 Grand Prix victories. They have also competed in every single season since 1950.

Head-Turning Looks

Another major reason that Ferraris are such attractive cars to drive is because of their jaw-dropping looks, which never disappoint. From classics, like the stunning 250 GTO, to modern exotic models, like the LaFerrari hypercar, Ferrari cars demand people’s attention wherever they are driven. 

Their unique design sets them apart from everything else on the road, so everyone can immediately tell when a Ferrari is approaching.

Unmatched Performance

When you get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, there is always a level of performance that is unmatched by others. Especially when it comes to its modern-day cars, like the 488 GTB or the GTC4Lusso, every single model that is released packs a punch, not just in terms of acceleration capacity and speed, but in a variety of ways. 

Everything from the swiftness of gear changes to the precise handling that each Ferrari offers makes it feel like a next-level otherworldly driving experience.

Tantalizing Sound 

For all automobile fanatics, the sound of a powerful engine is something that can truly get your adrenaline pumping and can make for an incredible driving experience—and the sound of a Ferrari engine is as exhilarating as it gets. 

From the V8 engines in models like the F430 and the 458 Italia to the screaming V12s that are in iconic models like the F50 and Enzo, each Ferrari has its own unique sound that is like music to the ear of a real car fanatic. 

This remains true even as Ferrari progresses towards newer technologies in its cars, such as turbocharging and electrification.

Extreme Exclusivity

Very few people will ever get the chance to drive a world-class car like a Ferrari, and even fewer people will ever own one. 

Not only are these cars valued at price points far higher than most people can afford, but access to many of Ferrari’s models are also extremely exclusive and even requires that you must be specially selected by the company to qualify to purchase one.

For this reason, when you do get a chance to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, it feels like a truly lucky experience, and it is one that is impossible to forget.

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