Super Car Experiences For Groups & Corporate Events

Ultimate Exotics provides a one-of-a-kind event experience that exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning clients. Our supercar corporate event services offer the opportunity to drive some of the most sought-after exotic cars on the market while taking in the breathtaking sights of Southern Ontario.

Our team understands the passion for exotic cars, and we strive to elevate that appreciation to new heights through our unique experiences. This luxury corporate tour will leave a lasting impression on you and your colleagues, and it is guaranteed to be a topic of envy among your peers.

Make Your Corporate events Memorable With Our Turnkey packages

Once you contact us to plan your supercar corporate event, we handle all of the details, from logistics to coordination. We will work with you to tailor our approach to meet your event’s specific needs and requirements, taking into consideration the size and scale of the event.

Ultimate Exotic’s supercar corporate driving experiences are frequented by several Fortune 500 companies, who trust us to provide unique, thrill-packed adventures every time.

Why settle for a been-there-done-that corporate event? During our corporate supercar tours, you’ll experience the kind of excitement that can’t be found anywhere else.

Watching a sporting event from box seats can’t compete with the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins as you jet down winding roads and navigate twists and turns in our premium exotic vehicles. Don’t drag your team to another golf course; supercar tours offer the ultimate ROI, giving your employees memories that will last a lifetime.

Not only can our corporate exotic driving events be 100% written off as a business expense, they also lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention. Impress your most important clients with a driving tour like they’ve never experienced before.

We offer a comprehensive range of opportunities with our supercar experiences, including photo opportunities and a variety of thrilling group activities for all attendees to participate in.

At the end of the day, you’ll have tons of incredible photos and videos from the day to share on social media.

Allow us to plan an event that exceeds all expectations and creates lasting memories for your team.

  • One on one event manager

  • Branded welcome screen

  • Starbucks Coffee & Breakfast Service

  • Custom driving route options

  • Italian Pizza and Wine Service at Event’s End

  • Upgraded lunch menu

  • Video and merchandise take-home packages


We truly go all out to ensure that each and every one of our all-inclusive supercar corporate events is an unforgettable experience, from the big picture down to the tiny details. We provide everything you need, including safety training and driving coaches.
In addition to the cars and insurance included at every event, we will finish the experience with impeccable Italian pizza and vintage wine service.
You know better than anyone that corporate events that take a one-size-fits-all approach often fall short of expectations.
That’s why Ultimate Exotics helps you to customize your events by choosing from a range of our top-quality priavte event solutions, which are as follows:


$2000 exclusive upgrades included
  • Private event not open to the public
  • All features of 3 HR Event, plus exlusive upgrades:
  • One on one event management
  • Pre date advanced selection
  • Event invitations, branded welcome screen, video packages
  • Coffee & Espresso Service
  • Italian Gourmet Pizza and vintage wine service

Ideal for team & client events for half day availability on a tighter schedule.

Contact our team to elevate your next client or team event.


$3000 exclusive upgrades included
  • All features of 6 HR VIP Experience, plus exclusive upgrades:
  • One on on event management
  • Niagara Falls or Port Dover Route Selections
  • Event Invitations, branded welcome screen, video packages
  • Gourmet lunch with upgraded menu options
  • Italian Pizza and Vintage Wine Service at events end

Our most popular team and client appreciation event. Ideal for making a lasting impression and increasing repeat sales and employee retention.

Contact one of our managers to set up a call or meeting to tailor your event event!


$4000 exclusive upgrades included
  • Our most premium event, ideal for your best clients for repeat business
  • Custom tailored event
  • Select between a Premium Winery, Niagara Falls or Port Dover Destination
  • Event invitations, branded welcome screen, video packages
  • Exclusive Supercars
  • Gourmet lunch with exlcusive menu options
  • Starbucks Coffee & Breakfast Service
  • Italian Pizza or Charcutterie & Napa Valley Vintage Wine Service
  • Cuban Cigar or Scotch Service at events end

All of our guests who book out Platinum events do repeat events each year with us.

Show your clients the appreciation they deserve with our Platinum Event at Ultimate Exotics.

We include Min $2000 of exclusive upgrades
on all private events. Min Group of 10+

  • Private Event exclusive to your group
  • Customized Routes or fleet options
  • Branded Welcome Screen
  • Starbucks Coffee & Breakfast Service
  • Custom Event Invitations
  • HD Video Recording Package Per Guest
  • Gourmet Italian Pizza and wine service at event’s end

Our Flex Plan Membership

Our flex plan membership offers the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, allowing you to book experiences with us up to 7 days a week, even on short notice. And, with discounted prices for our luxury supercar experiences, you’ll be able to make the most of your membership without breaking the bank.

We offer multiple membership tiers to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your business’s specific needs.

Similar to box seats at an NHL or NBA game but with 10x more value!

Join our flex plan membership today.

Custom-Tailored Supercar Events

If you are looking to have a little more control over your corporate events, you can also work with one of our dedicated managers to put together an event that matches your exact needs regarding its size, inclusions, and pricing.

We have experience with all kinds of custom-tailored supercar events ranging from branded events to product launches, so we would be glad to help you arrange your dream event.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation, and let us help you make your event a reality.


Planning Corporate & Group Events with the Event Specialist

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Ultimate Exotics. Our unmatched fleet of spectacular supercars and expert event-planning team will make your corporate event one that will be remembered for years to come.

Imagine the exhilaration of tearing down the open road in a luxury sports car, expertly coached by our team, who will ensure you and your group are fully prepared for the adventure ahead.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression on your employees or clients. Book your event with Ultimate Exotics today.