If you are truly a fan of supercars, then chances are high that you have ogled over a Lamborghini at one point or another, as this Italian automobile manufacturer is known around the world for producing some of the best luxury sports cars in the business.

Although Lamborghini has only been around for 60 years, the influence this brand has had on the automobile world has been massive, and this should not come as a surprise after seeing just a few of their signature designs.

Aside from their extreme exclusivity, Lamborghinis are especially well known for their sleek design, speed, efficiency, and high-performing engines.

Perhaps you already know Lamborghini cars well, but you may not know much about the background of this super sports car giant. Therefore, let’s look back at Lamborghini’s history, leading from its early beginnings up to its current role in the world of automobiles.

How Lamborghini Began

It is impossible to discuss Lamborghini’s history without mentioning its creator, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Lamborghini was a mechanic who served in the Italian Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Following the war, he went into business building and selling tractors, which he became quite good at. As his business continued to progress, Ferruccio’s success as one of Italy’s greatest industrialists continued to grow, and along with this success came great wealth.

With some of his newfound wealth, Ferruccio invested in a fleet of supercars, one of which was a Ferrari 250GT. The acquisition of this car inspired this powerful and successful businessman to start a sports car company of his own.

Ferruccio thought the Ferrari was too noisy and better suited for race tracks rather than public roads. He believed that he could do better.

This goal was fueled even further when he reached out to Enzo Ferrari, the creator of the Ferrari brand, with some suggestions. However, Ferruccio was essentially laughed at and discredited as a “silly tractor manufacturer.”

In just four months, Ferruccio designed and built the 350GTV, his first car, which he unveiled under the name “Automobili Lamborghini” in 1963. Although the 350GTV did not stick, it led to the reworked 350GT, which could accelerate from 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds, maxing out at 158 mph.

This car, which boasted impressive statistics, especially at the time, was truly the starting point from which Lamborghini grew to become one of the biggest and best sports car manufacturers of all time.

With the creation of this first car, Lamborghini also adopted its iconic bull logo. Although Ferruccio’s zodiac sign, Taurus, largely inspired this design, it was also representative of the drive and power that he envisioned for his vehicles.

Lamborghini’s Progression Throughout Time

Lamborghini started to gain traction at the 1966 Geneva International Motor Show with the release of the Miura, a car with a cutting-edge design and remarkable speed named after a famous bull breeder.

The Miura became known as the world’s first supercar, and it set an extremely high standard for all of the vehicles that followed it, earning Lamborghini a significant amount of fame and attention.

That fame grew even more with the release of the Lamborghini Countach, which became a significant part of 1980s pop culture, especially once the iconic upward-swinging doors became part of the design. Although the Countach certainly put Lamborghini on par with the success of Ferrari, the company continued to strive for improved and innovative designs.

Lamborghini changed ownership several times from the 1970s onwards, and was passed between a Swiss owner, Chrysler, Indonesian investors, and Volkswagen, among others, each of which released new models that mostly achieved great success.

Although Ferruccio Lamborghini sold his interest in the company and retired fairly early on after launching the company, the owners that followed maintained his bull theme. In fact, most of the cars that were released, from the Diablo to the Murcielago to the Aventador, were named after various infamous bulls or had bull-related names.

Over the years, Lamborghini continued to rise in popularity, and its cars became faster and increasingly impressive. Eventually, it even surpassed Ferrari in terms of its public esteem.

These days, Lamborghinis seem to lock spots near the top of almost every sports car, supercar, and luxury car list, and they have certainly earned their impeccable reputation.

How You Can Ride in a Lamborghini With a Luxury Driving Experience

It’s one thing to see an impressive Lamborghini on the street or in a showroom, and it’s another to learn a bit more about the impressive history behind this well-established sports car manufacturer. Still, it is an entirely other level to have the privilege to sit behind the wheel of one of these beauties.

Let’s be honest; it is every automobile fanatics’ dream to take a spin in a Lamborghini. Unfortunately, few people ever get this chance, as Lamborghinis are known for being incredibly exclusive and even more expensive.

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