Ever since the release of its very first model in 1964 (the 350 GT), Lamborghini has taken the world by storm and has risen through the ranks to become known as one of the top luxury sports car manufacturers in the world. Lamborghini’s have established a reputation for having sleek designs and high-performing engines, and their exclusiveness has made them a symbol of wealth and success.

Lamborghini’s signature designs have been developed and refined from generation to generation. Countless unique and bold models have been released over the years, including the Miura, the Countach, the Reventón, and the Gallardo.

For all of these reasons, getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini is one of the most exhilarating experiences that an automobile lover can imagine, and all of them have likely dreamed of having this opportunity (though few have actually had it).

If you ever get the rare opportunity to drive one of these impressive and elusive vehicles, you will be fortunate enough to see why it is one of the top supercars in the world.

The Most Important Things to Know Before Driving a Lamborghini for the First Time

If you have never driven a Lamborghini before, and you get the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini in Ontario, you may find that there are some noteworthy differences between them and your average automobile. Due to these differences, it is important to be adequately prepared to handle the operation of this supreme supercar.

The following are some of the most significant factors to keep in mind when driving a Lamborghini for the first time:

1. Learn all of the car’s functions

Before you hit the road in a Lamborghini for the first time, take the time to learn the car’s dashboard and test out what the various buttons do, as this is not something you should be experimenting with as you are driving 100 km/h down the highway.

You also do not want to pull into a gas station, amaze everyone by stepping out of the coolest car in a 100 km radius, and then make a complete fool of yourself because you don’t even know how to open the gas valve.

2. Ease onto and off the throttle

Few cars have as much horsepower as Lamborghinis. Thus, if you have never handled this much power before, it is crucial to ease onto and off the throttle rather than slamming your foot down on the gas and releasing it just as abruptly. As tempting as it may be to speed off like this, suddenly putting tons of power on cold tires could cause them to spin or behave unpredictably, which can quickly lead to an accident.

In addition, no matter your expectations, you can be sure that picking up speed at that rate in a sports car for the first time will probably be a little scary. It might even lead to panic and loss of control.

If you gradually ease the Lamborghini up to speed and then decrease your speed just as gradually when slowing down or stopping, you can control the car with much more confidence.

3. Be aware of your invisibility to other drivers

Everyone assumes that when they are behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, every other person they pass will be unable to keep their eyes off of them. For the most part, this is true, that is, unless another driver does not spot you in the first place.

Since Lamborghinis tend to sit much lower than the beltline of most SUVs and other bigger vehicles, it is easy for them to disappear into blind spots. When you are driving in such a low-riding car, you can easily go unnoticed. This is especially the case when people are not fully paying attention because they are on their phones, drinking their coffee, or engaging in conversation with their passengers.

If you believe it is possible that other drivers cannot see you, it is crucial to drive as if this is true, which means being extra cautious. Try to get out of those blind spots quickly. That way, not only will you be safer, but you will also get to experience more of the ogling that is bound to happen when people realize they are driving next to a Lamborghini.

4. Be prepared for how hot the hood will get

One thing to always count on is that after driving a Lamborghini around for a while, the hood is going to feel like a pizza oven.

It is bound to give off heat like you’ve never felt coming from a car before, especially if you are driving a Lamborghini with a V10 engine. Keep this in mind, particularly when you get out to snap a few photos of you with the car, as sitting on the hood for a shot will definitely make you feel sorry.

Why Ultimate Exotics’ Supercar Experiences Are Ideal to Drive a Lamborghini for the First Time

Opportunities to drive Lamborghinis are few and far between. After all, not only are they some of the world’s most expensive cars, but they are also often exclusive and hard to find.

However, thanks to Ultimate Exotics, your dreams can come true. It is possible for you to drive a Lamborghini in Ontario for the first time with one of our award-winning experiences. You can choose from our 1.5, 3, or 6-hour driving experience options, each of which will allow you to take a Lamborghini out for a spin on some of Southern Ontario’s most stunning and scenic roads.

In fact, with our unmatched luxury car driving experiences, a Lamborghini is not the only amazing automobile you will get a chance to drive. Aside from our Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4, you can drive a handful of the other exotic cars in our fleet, including a Ferrari 488 GTB, a McLaren 570S, an Audi R8 V10, and a Porsche 911 Turbo.

In addition to the great views and even greater cars that our experiences come with, safety training is also included. Of course, there will be plenty of photo opportunities, too.

For more information about how you can drive a Lamborghini in Ontario with our luxury experiences or to learn more about the different experience options we offer, call Ultimate Exotics at (888) 493-8687 or contact us here.