Father’s Day in Canada is on the horizon, and now is probably about the time when you are starting to scramble over what you should get for your dad this year to show him how much you really care. We love our dads, but let’s be honest, it is often extremely hard to buy gifts for them because they either do not seem to want anything in particular or they already have everything they need.

It is the same deal every year when Father’s Day comes around in Canada, but this year, you can be ahead of the game by having a plan in place and getting your father something that they will truly appreciate: a memorable experience!

Experiences are always significantly better than material gifts—especially when it comes to buying something for your dad—because they are unique, they do not take up space, they provide endless memories, and they don’t even need to be wrapped.

Plus, if you get your dad an experience that allows them to do something they have never done before or that they rarely get the chance to do, they will get the opportunity to break away from their normal routine, for which they will be grateful. All in all, gifting your dad an experience is definitely the way to go this upcoming Father’s Day.

5 Best Father’s Day Gifts

Deciding to go with an experience over a material gift is only the first step, as there are many different options to choose from when selecting an experience that your father will truly enjoy.

To pick the perfect experience for your dad, think about the kinds of things that they are interested in, or about the types of experiences that you know they would like, but do not often treat themselves to.

The following are some of the best experiential gift ideas that you can get your dad on Father’s Day in Canada:

1. A night at the cinema

Is your dad a big film buff? If so, and there are some movies coming out soon that you know he is looking forward to seeing, a good Father’s Day gift may be a night out at the cinema.

Since this gift is definitely not going to break the bank, you can even make it a whole family affair, which your dad might appreciate, or you can make it a night for just the two of you.

If you really want to show your dad your appreciation, you can also buy some snacks, like popcorn or other treats, so you can both fully enjoy the experience. You can never go wrong with a fun night at the movies!

2. A family dinner

Who said it is necessary to purchase an experience for it to be special? Another great way to show appreciation for your dad on Father’s Day in Canada this year is by cooking a nice dinner for the whole family.

One option is to pick one of your dad’s favourites and cook it for them, or you can try something new and treat them to a delicious meal they will not forget anytime soon.

If you don’t have much experience in the kitchen, don’t worry, as it is easy to find lots of cooking tutorials online these days that will help you get through the meal’s preparation. In fact, your dad will surely appreciate your gift even more knowing that you learned something new just to be able to provide them with this experience.

3. A sporting event

If your dad likes sports, then he will definitely enjoy being taken to a sporting event. If he has a favourite team, and it is possible to go to a stadium to watch them play, that would be perfect, but even if this is not feasible, any sporting event can be a ton of fun to attend.

Getting to be part of the crowd rather than just watching the game on TV is not something you get to do every day, so this experience will be super-memorable for you and your dad.

4. A spa day

Although your mom might be the first person to come to mind when you think of the spa, dads deserve a little pampering every once in a while, too.

After working hard day in and day out, your dad certainly will benefit from a deep tissue massage, a good foot rub, or a detoxifying sauna session. When he comes home from the spa feeling totally relaxed, he will have you to thank.

If you are unsure about the kind of spa treatment that he might like the most, since it probably is not something he brings up too often, you can always let him pick out a treatment on his own!

5. A supercar driving experience

Driving an exotic supercar is not something that most people ever get to do, and chances are good that your father has not had the privilege of enjoying this experience either.

However, we are willing to bet that at one point or another, your dad has definitely dreamed of taking a luxury supercar for a spin; after all, what dad has not? So, why not let him have the chance of a lifetime and give him a supercar driving experience on Father’s Day?

If you really want to win your dad over on his special day, purchasing him a supercar driving experience is definitely the best way to guarantee that. You certainly will not have to worry about anyone else getting him the same gift, as this one will be so unique that he will never forget it.

Luxury Car Driving Experience: The Ultimate Gift for Every Dad

Until you have felt what it is like to drive a Porsche, a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari, you have not had a chance to really experience luxury, and this Father’s Day, you can give that kind of luxury to your dad.

When your father gets behind the wheel of a supercar, he will truly feel like a million dollars, as it does not get much better than this. When he tells all of his friends and coworkers that he rode a supercar on Father’s Day and shows off the pictures of his experience, he will certainly do so with pride.

Father’s Day in Canada: He Doesn’t Need Another Power Tool

We are willing to bet that your dad’s tool shed is already a little overcrowded, so getting him yet another power tool this Father’s Day is likely not the best call.

On the other hand, gifting him an experience, like driving a supercar, will definitely make his day feel a million times more special. Show him that you truly value all he does for you, and give him a gift that he will never forget.

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