Canada Day is here, and not only is this holiday a great way to kick off the summer season, but it is also the perfect time to celebrate Canada and all of the people and cultures that belong to it. 

In addition, Canada Day is a great holiday to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of ways that you can do so, as this holiday has many traditions that are much more enjoyable in group settings. 

Whether you have specific plans or traditions that go along with Canada Day or not, being around the people you are closest to will ensure you have a good time while making some nice new memories.

What are some of the best things to do with your loved ones this Canada Day?

When it comes to deciding on plans for your Canada Day weekend and figuring out how you would like to spend it with your loved ones this year, there are all kinds of fun options to choose from. Some activities may involve celebrating in a patriotic way, while others may simply involve enjoying some of the most fun activities that this great country has to offer.

The following are some of the most exciting ways that you can celebrate Canada Day this year:

1. Having a BBQ

There is nothing quite like a BBQ in your backyard to celebrate Canada Day. Invite all of your closest friends and family members, pick up some hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, and toppings, and fill a cooler with some nice cold beverages.

You may want to add some red and white decorations to the mix or invest in some Canada-themed paper plates and napkins to add a little festive spirit to your barbecue. However, the main enjoyment will stem from great conversations with your loved ones.

2. Watching fireworks

What would Canada Day be without a spectacular fireworks display at the end of the day? You could start a fireworks fund collection with your friends and family, and purchase a decent amount of them to light off all together at your nearest public park (while following the safest possible practices, of course).

Or, you could attend a city-wide fireworks event, and enjoy looking up at some impressive explosions of colour in the sky with a much larger crowd. If you are close to the Niagara region, it is definitely worth it to head to Niagara Falls for the incredible yearly Canada Day fireworks show right above the falls at 10 p.m.

3. Attending a parade

Yet another classic activity that never fails to amuse, especially if you have young children, is attending a Canada Day parade, which tend to be organized by various localities across the country and typically take place on a main street or in a central area. 

Being at these parades is loads of fun, as everyone typically gets decked out in red and white gear, and there are all kinds of floats designed and curated by various local businesses and townspeople that mostly cater to the red and white theme as well.

Niagara Falls has an annual Canada Day parade that takes place downtown along Victoria Street and Queen Street beginning at 11:00 a.m., and the patriotic spirit can definitely be felt by all during this fun event.

4. Attending a concert

We all know that celebrations are always much more fun when music is in the air, which is why it is incredibly common for free outdoor concerts to be scheduled on Canada Day weekend.

If you love music and you want to have a good time with your loved ones this Canada Day, look into some of the various concerts that will surely be scheduled in your area and sing the night away with your friends and family. If you like classic rock, you may be interested in the Coca-Cola Concert Series hosted at the Illumination Tower Stage at 8 p.m. in Niagara Falls.

Why a Luxury Driving Experience Is a Great Activity This Canada Day

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