Due to its location right between of the tourist hotspot of Niagara Falls and the mega-metropolitan city of Toronto, Hamilton is often overshadowed. However, this city is finally starting to get the attention it deserves, and the main reason is its ever-growing list of impressive restaurants.

Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, it is hard to pass up a delicious meal, and you will certainly have no problem finding one in Hamilton these days.

Like much of Ontario, Hamilton is made up of a variety of diverse communities, and its stellar restaurants are earning attention for both their local and international menus.

In Hamilton, you can find everything from delicious tacos and mouth-watering shawarma to traditional Italian food all along the same street. No matter what you are craving, a trip to Hamilton will help you satisfy it, and you definitely will not be disappointed.

What are the best restaurants to try in Hamilton?

Ever since Hamilton has stepped up its food game, there have been many dining options to choose from, so when exploring the city, you are bound to come across something great.

However, if you are only in Hamilton for a limited time or truly want to experience the best of the city’s culinary scene, there are a few fan-favourites that you definitely cannot pass up. The following are some of the best restaurants in Hamilton that you simply must try:

1. Bon Temps

You may or may not have tried poutine before, the French Canadian favourite, but have you ever had traditional Canadian cuisine?

If you feel like trying the finer side of Canadian cuisine, you should definitely stop by Bon Temps, a dignified Hamilton restaurant with a menu full of delicious sharing plates that you can pair with local wines.

Bon Temps’ menu is in constant rotation, but a few of their most popular dishes include oysters, smoked trout, and frog legs paired with hot sauce and a tangy, blue cheese dip.

2. Brother’s Grimm Bistro

Although it is located in the heart of Hamilton’s downtown area, when you walk into Brother’s Grimm Bistro, it will feel like you have taken a trip overseas, as this unique restaurant takes its main inspiration from European cellar bistros.

In addition to its interesting decor and dimly-lit ambiance that is perfect for date nights, this unforgettable restaurant has an unmatched fusion menu, tons of fantastic cocktails, and various barrel-aged beers to test out.

If you are a fan of stew, their authentic duck cassoulet is definitely a must-try, as its combination of flavours and textures will quickly convince you to order seconds.

3. Hambrgr

Hamburgers are almost always a satisfying meal option since they rarely fail to fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied. However, those at Hamilton’s Hambrgr take this reliable classic to the next level and will make you view hamburgers in a whole new light.

Not only do Hambrgr’s traditional burgers contain meat that is locally sourced, but they also have several vegan options to enjoy!

If you are in the mood for something new, you will not be let down by Hambrgr’s Maui Wowi burger, which has pulled pork and pineapple jam. Or, you can opt for the weekly Chef Smash to test out the new ideas that Hambrgr’s team has recently cooked up.

4. The Coop

If you are a fan of chicken, then The Coop on the corner of King and Hess Streets in Hamilton will be right up your alley, as their claims to serve “seriously wicked chicken” is definitely true. If there is a dish that you can imagine containing chicken, it is probably on their menu.

They have everything from chicken tacos and sandwiches to roasted chicken served whole. Every dish is packed with flavour thanks to the impressive assortment of sauces that they pair with their chicken. You can enjoy something from The Coop’s extensive menu while sitting on their lovely patio, which is adorned with interesting murals.

5. Tomah

If you are hoping to find a menu with options outside of your usual go-to’s, you should definitely add Tomah to your list of restaurants to check out.

As Hamilton’s very first Syrian restaurant, Tomah offers some incredibly delicious traditional food from the Middle East, as well as some truly delicious cheeses that are made in-house!

You better come to Tomah with a big appetite, especially if you decide to have their Syrian Shawarma Sandwich, which comes with a massive portion of chicken and an amazing garlic sauce. Make sure you also save room for one of their impeccable desserts.

Ultimate Exotics: Another Great Attraction in Hamilton

Although Hamilton is now brimming with top-quality restaurants, its food scene is certainly not the only reason to visit this Southern Ontario city.

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