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Escape the Ordinary: Elevate Your Life with Ultimate Exotics’ Supercar Adventures

Are you tired of the same old boring routine? Rev up your life with the ultimate driving experience from Ultimate Exotics. Our luxury supercar experiences will take you on a high-speed adventure that will leave you feeling exhilarated and alive.

Our selection of exotic supercar experiences allows you to experience the thrill of driving some of the most elite luxury vehicles on the market. Our exotic car driving packages are unmatched in the industry, offering the opportunity to fully experience not one but multiple luxury supercars with every package.

Stop dreaming of driving a luxury supercar and make it a reality with Ultimate Exotics.


The Extreme Supercar Experience
With Ultimate Exotics

We not only provide a luxury selection of some of the most famous exotic cars in the world, but we’ve also made booking and arranging our unforgettable supercar experiences a seamless and effortless process.


Choose Your Supercar Experience

Choose the supercar experience of your dreams. We offer 1.5 hour, 3 hour and 6 hour exotic car experiences, each of which offers a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Our top-quality fleet of vehicles includes: Lamborghini Aventador S, McLaren 570S, Ferrari 488 GTB, Audi R8 V10 Performance, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes AMG GT, Nissan GTR, Acura NSX and more incredible high-end vehicles.

While each experience has its own dedicated fleet of luxury vehicles, you can use our Supercar Guarantee (Add On) to ensure the car of your deams will be available for your event.


Register for Your Experience 

After choosing one of our exclusive vehicle experiences, you will receive a voucher number, and all you have to do is enter this number on the registration form. 


Hit the Road 

During your luxury supercar experience, you will be lead through professionally designed routes by experience coaches. Each route offers breathtaking scenery and the thrill of the open road as you space through the stunning Niagara Escarpment area.

If you’re arranging a group experience, add an extra level of luxury to your premium supercar experience with our outstanding catering options. 


At Ultimate Exotics, we offer a range of packages so you’ll always find the perfect driving experience you’ve been after. Ultimate Exotics is not a exotic car rental company; unlike other businesses offering supercar tours, none of the luxury cars in our fleet are ever used as rental.

We’re 100% dedicated to providing supercar driving adventures, so you can trust that when you slide behind the wheel of each of our exotic cars you’ll find each vehicle in pristine condition.  The following are the options that you have to choose from:


Starts at Just
$399 + fuel
$149 + fuel

If you would like a fantastic introduction to supercars, this package includes:

  • The chance to drive up to 4 different exotic cars from our incredible fleet
  • A 50 Km + rally through beautiful country roads and twisty mountain escarpments
  • More than 50 exhilarating turns
  • Multiple elevation changes
  • Tons of great photo opportunities

This ultimate 1.5-hour-long experience. Book now and experience the thrill of a lifetime


Starts at Just
$499 + fuel   $199 + fuel

If you would like to spend some more time behind the wheel of a supercar, this package includes:

  • The chance to drive up to 5 different supercars valued at over $1 million
  • A 100 Km + rally, including country roads, mountainous escarpments, and open areas
  • More than 100 exhilarating turns
  • Multiple elevation changes
  • Views of the gorgeous escarpment
  • Tons of great photo opportunities

Our ultimate 3-hour-long experience. Don't wait any longer, book your package now and treat yourself to an exclusive and unforgettable exotic car experience.


Starts at Just
$799 + fuel $399 + fuel

If you would like a more in-depth high-end experience with the finest supercars out there, this award-winning package includes:

  • The chance to drive up to 6 supercars in our multimillion-dollar fleet
  • A 200 Km + rally on a professionally designed route that includes scenic country roads and two great lakes
  • Over 200 exhilarating turns
  • Multiple elevation changes
  • Tons of great photo opportunities

Our 6-hour driving experience offers an unforgettable adventure. Upgrade your driving experience and claim your spot now.


To be able to participate in the supercar driving experience that we have to offer, there are a few standard requirements and restrictions that you must adhere to, which are as follows:

  • All drivers must possess a G license (or an int’l license or valid driver’s license from another country)
  • Drivers must be 21 years old or older
  • Passengers must be 8 years or older, accompanied by an adult if under 18

While not a requirement, if you have a specific supercar you’ve been dreaming about, you can add our Supercar Guarantee at checkout. For a small additional fee, the Supercar Guarantee allows you to select a certain car for your event.

In the event that the car is unavailable, we will contact you in advance and reschedule your event at no additional cost.


Choose Ontario’s Most Exciting Supercar Rally Experience

Ultimate Exotics offers the ultimate driving experience. Our fleet includes some of the most exclusive and high-end supercars available throughout Ontario, and our team of experienced coaches will ensure that you have the time of your life.

Premium supercar experience packages from Ultimate Exotics are available seven days a week and come with the option to share the experience with a friend, taking turns driving the same car or driving separately.

Our in-house professionals will provide in-depth tutorials and facilitate a professional safety meeting prior to your drive. Our coaches will also be available at multiple checkpoints along your drive to ensure that you fully experience the thrill of these elite vehicles.



What are some of the cars that you have always dreamed of driving? Chances are good that the majority of them are included in our incredible fleet. Our supercar fleet includes a Lamborghini Aventador S with 730 HP.

We also have a McLaren 570S, Ferrari 488 GTB, Audi R8 V10 Performance, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes AMG GT, Nissan GTR, Acura NSX and more incredible exotic vehicles.

These are just a few of the first-rate supercars in our fleet.

Call Ultimate Exotics at (888) 493-8687 and book your supercar driving experience today.